We protect and preserve the natural ecosystem of our Park. This is one of our main tasks. This task is performed by the Nature Protection Service, which was established according to the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated 07.14.2000 No. 1127 "On the state protection service of the Nature Reserve Fund of Ukraine".

Responsibilities of the Nature Protection Service include:

  • ensuring adherence with the regime of protection of territories and sites of the Nature Reserve Fund of Ukraine;
  • warning and stopping violations of environmental legislation.

The Nature Protection Service organizes and provides:

  • protecting of natural complexes of the Park;
  • procedure of using natural resources;
  • preventing an occurrence and spreading fires and other emergency situations;
  • implementing measures of protecting natural complexes from pests and diseases;
  • maintaining boundaries, security signs, information tables, and other facilities in proper condition;
  • reproducing native plantations through the creation of forest plantations and natural regeneration;
  • organizing and carrying out logging according to guidelines of forestry management;
  • protecting animals from violators of the nature protection regime;
  • preventing damage of forest plantations caused by illegal logging;
  • controlling the special use of natural resources on the territory of the Nature Reserve Fund.

Together with the Department of Scientific Research:

  • organizing the implementation of researches by the Nature Protection Service;
  • carrying out the researches of the chapters of the "Chronicle of Nature";
  • conducting scientific research of issues of typological analysis of the predominant types of forests on the territory of nature protection scientific and research departments with the aim of reproducing native plantations;
  • conducting training of the Nature Protection Service employees;
  • promoting the work of other scientific organizations on the territory of the Park and monitoring their compliance with the nature protection regime;
  • studying the impact and providing with the recommendations for the use of non-forested areas (arable lands, hayfields, pastures, etc).

The Nature Protection Service is headed by the Director of the Park.