We provide travelers with a comfortable hiking along the trails of our Park and educate them about the importance of nature conservation.

The main tasks and responsibilities of the Recreation Department include:

  • creating favorable conditions for organized tourism, rest, and other types of recreational activities;
  • conducting marketing research in direction of promotion of recreational potential;
  • performing promotion and advertising;
  • participating in programs, aimed at studying the impact of visitors of the Park on natural ecosystems.

What we do to accomplish these activities?

We arrange nature discovery and hiking trails, rest areas, and viewing platforms.

We develop a visual campaign and perform an advertising of recreational sites.

We conclude agreements with recreational organizations and tourism business.

We collect data of the number of visitors of recreational sites quarterly, as well as analyze reports about the number of visitors obtained from nature protection and research departments monthly.

We carry out certification of recreational zones according to their location and area as well as trails according to their length, duration of hiking, historical reference, type of landscape, aesthetic value of an area, small architectural forms, information signs, etc.)