Travel safely for yourself and for nature

A national park is a place where you have to protect nature. We are happy to host visitors, but we expect they will follow rules allowing us to preserve the Carpathians, as well as to protect themselves from unnecessary risks.

Please, follow some advice before starting your hike

The Carpathians always provide us with rest, health, as well as some experience from interaction with nature. However, those who ignore the rules of behavior in the mountains, a trip to the Carpathians can leave unpleasant memories, or even turn into a tragedy. To prevent this from happening, tourists have to:

  • learn the weather forecast for next few days;
  • issue relevant documents: (route sheet, route book, pass for the right to stay on the territory of the Carpathian National Nature Park, permission of the emergency, and rescue service);
  • check the availability and quality of equipment as well as completeness of your first-aid kit.

It is unacceptable:

  • start your hiking in very unfavorable conditions (heavy fog, rain, low air temperature);
  • climb up or go down through narrow gorges, steep snowy slopes, which can lead to avalanches or injuries;
  • go hiking without a qualified tourist guide.
  • Inform the State Emergency Service of Ukraine about your hiking.
  • Inform the State Emergency Service of Ukraine before you go on a hike, so that the search and rescue unit find you quickly and in time in case something happens.

Повідом МНС
що ти йдеш в гори

Повідом МНС перед тим як йтимеш в похід, для того щоб рятувальники швидко і вчасно вас знайшли якщо щось трапиться. Для цього потрібно зробити всього лише два кроки:

Як поводитися в парку, щоб зберегти природу?