Science and Research

We are engaged in scientific and research activities.

Responsibilities of the Scientific and Research Department include:

  • inventorying flora and fauna, as well as all natural complexes and individual natural objects on the Park’s territory;
  • identifying the most typical for the Park natural complexes;
  • defining valuable geosystems and looking for their analogues in the adjacent territories with the aim to organize a joint research;
  • studying intersystem connections, their structure and regularities of the functioning natural complexes, individual species and groups of organisms, and the influence of environmental factors on them;
  • carrying out the integrated scientific research of the preservation of the unique and typical flora and fauna of the Park.

The Scientific and Research Department is supervised by the Deputy Director for Research. This department consists of Geography Laboratory, Laboratory of Analytical Control and Monitoring, Botanic Laboratory, and Zoological Laboratory.

We conduct the "The Chronicles of Nature", what is the main form of summarizing the results of scientific research and observations. The materials of "The Chronicles of Nature" are used to assess the state of the natural environment in the region, develop measures for its protection, effectively use natural resources, ensure environmental safety, etc.

The Scientific and Research Department also keep primary records of cadastral information on the territory of the Park.

The coordination of the scientific research on the territory of the Park is carried out by the Ukrainian Research Institute of Mountain Forestry named after Petro Pasternak together with the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources of Ukraine.