Bike Trails from Town of Yaremche

#303 – Lehenda  Path

Yaremche  – St. Andryi Monastery – Lehenda Tourist Center

Length 17 km

Elevation Gain 140 m

Cycling time 1 h.

This interesting and easy path is recommended for beginners. It starts in Yaremche. You should move on a motorway towards Deliatyn village. Nearby the Yaremche School #1 (it is located on the left from the road) you turn right and go down to a hanging bridge through the Prut River. Cross the bridge and move to Piddil settlement. Then turn left and move on a paved road (Stefanyka Street) parallel to the Prut River. Pay attention on signs. Enjoy fresh air, no cars, and local architecture.

After having some pleasant stroll, turn left to an automobile bridge towards the motorway. Later turn right, and then turn left looking at signs in direction to the monastery. Then go all time straight. It’s rather difficult to get lost. After a while, you will find yourself in a forest. Several easy ascents cyclists end up by the St. Andryi Monastery. Having visited a sacred building, you can go back the same road or cycle deep into the forest to the tourist center “Lehenda” built in traditional local style.

There are many nice picnic areas on the river bank as well as places to swim. Enjoy yourselves!

#304 – Observational Path

Outskirts of Yaremche

Length 7.3 km

Elevation Gain 150 m

Cycling time 1h. 20 min

This short path offers you to visit sights, hidden from pedestrians, as well as to learn more about Yaremche and its inhabitants. It starts nearby bazaar at the main motorway (Svoboda Street) by a central pharmacy. The first part of the path (about 1.5 km), an absolutely plain paved road takes you down a cozy Kurortna Street. You can observe old Polish cottages of interwar periodб hidden among trees.

After Kurortna Street you move down the Pidskelna Street, wherefrom you cycle to a rocky cliff over the Prut River. You can see this landmark from far distance. Signs lead you directly to a lovely meadow on a river bank. This is a perfect place for rest. Further, move on a path along the Prut about 500 m. There is a 100 m long high hill on one of road sections. It is recommended to carry a bicycle. Be careful! Then you continue your trip along the river and, paying attention on signs, go back to the motorway and cross it. Then turn left, and after 20 meters turn right.

Having passed a railway crossing, you start the third part of the trail. Quite steep but rather long ascends along Kovpaka and Dovbusha Streets are ahead. The most important is to count your strength. Then you find yourself in a mysterious fir forest, where you can enjoy a marvelous panoramic view of the whole town. It is worth to take a breath and take several photos here.

Then a descent starts after about 500 m of a plain road. You move back to a town center. A gravel road will provide you with some adrenaline rush.

At the finish you get to the railway crossing, the start point.

#305 – Woman’s Tears Path

Yaremche – Animal Enclosure – Girl’s Tears Waterfall

Length 6.7 km

Elevation Gain 231 m

Cycling time  2h. 30 min

The trail starts at a bazaar by a railway crossing in the center of Yaremche. Having cycled 1.3 km of a paved road move towards the Animal enclosure. You can leave your bike at a bike parking and observe wild boars and deer here. At the sign “Girl’s Tears” cycle straight. The only one long ascend is ahead. Then a perfectly plain 1 km road stresses through a forest. Pass a downhill, several turns and find yourself near Girl’s Tears waterfall. It is rather complicated to cycle directly to the waterfall. It is better to walk down last 200 m. Don’t forget to fasten your bicycle with locks. There is a picnic area at the waterfall. In summer, everyone can plunge into cool mountain water in a nice shallow pool. Cycle the same road to come back to the center.

# 311 Bahrivets Path

Animal Enclosure – Bahrivets – Karpaty Tourst Center – Probiy Waterfall

Route length - 6 km

Height gain - 266 m

Cycling time – 1 h 30 min

The trail starts at a bazaar in the center of Yaremche. You should move straight along railway paying attention on signs. Having cycled 500 m, you will find yourself at a meadow with a nice spring. You should take some rest here, since 1 km ascend is ahead. After a half kilometer cycling you approach to Bahrivets with its marvelous Carpathian views. A tiny, but nice waterfall nearby the road is located just after 1 km cycling.

There is a new uphill after a plain road. Ascents finish after about 3 km cycling. After a steep serpentine downhill approach the “Karpaty” tourist center. It is not recommended to move into a motorway. Having passed a concrete bridge turn left and move towards the Hutsulshchyna restaurant. Leave bikes at the parking area. It is a perfect place for some rest as well as observing the waterfall or wandering a souvenir market.

# Elephant Rock Path

Bazaar – Prut River – Elephant Rock - Bazaar

Route length - 6 km

Height gain - 181 m

Cycling time – 1 hour

This trail allows to observe Yaremche, namely its cozy streets, the Prut River with its banks, ascents, descents, and a panoramic view of a town.

The path starts near bazaar at the town center. Move towards a motorway, turn left and after dozen meters turn right and cycle down at a sign. Then you move down to the Prut River. You can observe a nice view and a cliff, which resembles an elephant here.

Then move the path along the river bank, cross a small stream and come back to the motorway. Take a left side and then turn right after 20 m of cycling.

Move down on a paved road, which changes with a gravel one. You find yourself in a wood. The road sharply turns left and goes up again in the wood. After an ascend you find yourself in the highest point of the path with a magnificent panorama of Yaremche.

Then the trail stresses the plain road. At a sign a steep stone descent starts. The trail is circular and after the descent you reach the start point.