Bike Trails from Village of Mykulychyn

# 307 Old Railway Path

Mykulychyn - Prutets Chemygivskyi River

Route Length - 15.3 km

Elevation Gain - 150 m

Cycling Time – 2 h. 30 min.

This especially easy and pleasant trail has no steep ascents at all. The height gain here is slow and imperceptible, and a large part of the road is paved. In addition, there is very little traffic. All these circumstances make the destination perfect for first-time mountain bikers as well as for family cycling journeys.

As the name suggests, the trail is laid along a path where a narrow-gauge railway used to operate. In the 1960s, this narrow-gauge railway transported harvested wood from the mountains to the valley. After one of the floods that destroyed the bridges, the authorities decided not to restore the railway. Unfortunately, you will no longer find a railway track here now - local inhabitants have quickly found a use for all rails and sleepers in their own farms. However, an attentive tourist will be able to see many signs that steam trains once went there: clearly visible railway embankments and corridors in the forest thicket that can be travelled by bicycle. The most monumental sight of the railway is the stone bridge remains rising on both banks of the river. You should be attentive not to miss this interesting object while cycling at speed!

At the end of the path, there is a great place for a rest or even a picnic at the confluence of two rivers. Those who have the strength and inspiration, have an opportunity not to stop, but cycle deep into the mountains and look at the active oil wells. However, there are no tourist signs on this part of the route, that’s why you should use a map and ask local people.

#308 Mountain Pastures Path

Mykulychyn – Mountain pastures - Prutets Chemygivskyi River

Length  12 km

Elevation Gain - 268 m

Cycling Time 1 h 30 min

The rtrail starts near the bus station in the village of Mykulychyn. The path is extremely picturesque, and in terms of difficulty it can be classified as medium.

We leave the main road near the pink two-storied council building in the center of Mykulychyn. During the first part of the route, the road goes up almost all the time, only the ascent steepness changes. A trained cyclist will be able to overcome everything "in the saddle", while beginners will probably have to walk a part of the route. After about half an hour, will find yourself on the mountain pastures, where you can enjoy an extraordinary picturesque view of surrounding mountains. Here you can try fresh milk offered by the locals. At the top, near the base station of the mobile operator, the route goes down to the valley of the Prutets Chemygivskyi River. A wonderful and fairly safe downhill on gravel roads awaits you here. From time to time you will have to stop – the mountain pastures are quite often fenced off in order to keep the cattle from running away into the forest.

If cyclists are riding in a group, it is recommended to follow this tactic when descending from the slopes: one member of the group rushes forward to open the gate, and when everyone has passed, he closes it. Another cyclist is responsible for the next "obstacle", and so on. This minimizes the number of stops and adds pleasure to the descent.

In the river valley, our "blue" trail merges with the "red" one. There are two options here - either to return to Mykulychyn on a flat asphalt road, or turn deep into the forest and cycle along the river where the narrow-gauge railway used to operate. The choice is yours!