Bike Trails from Village of Vorokhta

#315 – Under Old Bridges Path

Vorokhta – Voronenko

Length 10.8 km

Elevation Gain 201 m

Cycling Time 1h. 30 min


This path can be discovered by everybody. The road is gravel with steep but short ascents and descents as well as relatively few cars on it. Railway bridges, built during the Austria-Hungary Empire, are the most important attraction.

The path starts from the railway station in the center of Vorokhta. You ride about one kilometer by a motorway towards Verkhovyna. Don’t miss the turn to the right by an old church. Then move down a paved path. Having passed an old Austrian stone bridge, go straight a street parallel to railway. Pay attention on signs or ask locals how to get to Voronenko.

After a few kilometers you leave Vorokhta and find yourself in a mysterious forest. Ascents always follow descents and vice versa. There is another old viaduct. The third bridge is a bit further. You should continue your trip under it.

Soon you reach Voronenko. This settlement used to be a railway station on the boundary between Poland and Czechoslovakia. One of the longest tunnels in Ukraine is situated here now. Actually, this point is the end of the path. After having some rest, you can go back the same road or continue moving uphill towards the old village church. Then you can choose one more difficult paths: a straight road through a ridge towards the Yablunetskyi Mountain Pass (red color) or go back to Vorokhta (violet color).

#316 – Cool Path

Vorokhta  – Check Point “Hoverla” – Kukul Mount – Voronenko  – Vorokhta

Length 52 km

Elevation Gain 1 km

Cycling Time 7h.

This is rather high-altitude, but one of the most picturesque trails. It is recommended to very experienced cyclists. At its start in Vorokhta you move 15 km on a plain road leading to Hoverla Mount. Having passed a check-point, look at the sign on the right and choose one of roads leading uphill. Then cyclists face a challenge, such as a difficult and a very long ascent through a long protected forest.

Having passed the forest, you find yourself at a high-altitude meadow. There is a marvelous view of Chornohora Ridge, the highest massif of the Ukrainian Carpathians. On the left. Then cyclists can enjoy a traverse without any ascents or descents. You can get to the top of Kukul Mount or take a path on the left. After having a rest at the meadow, turn to the north towards Voronenko. A long and in some places steep downhill with some muddy parts is ahead. Be careful!

Having moved down to the settlement, you cross railway and cycle a gravel road, which is located parallel. Thus, cyclists find themselves on a road leading to Vorokhta. Centenary stone viaducts, small ascends, descents, and Vorokhta, which is only 5 km cycle, are ahead.

#314 – Vorokhta Path

Outskirts of Vorokhta

Length 14.2 km

Elevation Gain 455 km

Cycling time 3h.

This is an exciting, but rather difficult path. You cycle the first 5 km (look Under Old Bridges Path) on a gravel road without any ascents or descents. You have already gained elevation of 200m. Entering Voronenko, you cycle through a railway crossing and move on a motorway at first downhill towards a river and then turn left and go uphill. Be ready for a rather difficult uphill. A landmark is a church on a hill. Then you can stop, take some rest, enjoy picturesque views, and take some photos.

You turn right by the church and move towards a school, which is visible from everywhere. Having passed the church, you move to Vorokhta. Pay attention on signs and also be careful because of steep and rapid downhills. Move down to Vorokhta, cross the Prut River and take some breath.

#317 – To Hoverla Mount Path

Vorokhta Village – “Zarosliak” Tourist Center

Length 38 km

Cycling time 4 h. (without hiking to the top of Hoverla Mount)

This path is perfect for tourists, who stay in Vorokhta, and dream of conquering Hoverla Mount, the highest peak of the Ukrainian Carpathians. A road along the Prut River takes us though a protected forest and leads to the mountain. A bike is an excellent vehicle to get to the foot of Hoverla. It is too long to go on foot, and it is environmentally unfriendly to go by car.

Firstly, move on a motorway towards Verkhovyna. After a turn at the sign “Hoverla” you will find only a few cars on the road. Then asphalt finishes and a gravel road starts. Elevation gain is gradual, but visible. Having passed the check point, you continue moving slowly.

The final point is the tourism center “Zarosliak”, wherefrom the hiking to Hoverla Mount starts. Leave your bike at a bike parking. Don’t forget to fasten it with locks. Pay attention on signs or ask tourists how to get to the top. The hiking takes about two hours.