Christmas Eco Compositions

New Year is a favorite holiday for everyone. Many people want to have a Christmas tree in their home as an integral component of a holiday spirit. However, our wish to decorate our houses with a living tree is damaging to nature.

The best way to solve an issue of cutting a huge number of Christmas trees is to stop buying live fir trees and replace them with artificial ones. If you don't like it, you can make your own composition of natural materials such as branches, cones, etc. Such decorations are also a continuation of ancient Hutsul traditions, the indigenous inhabitants of this region. Let's contribute to the preservation of natural resources and beautify our home with homemade decorations!

Every year the Carpathian National Nature Park’s employees held the New Year's Contest called "Eco Christmas Tree Compositions" in order to increase children’s involvement, their environmental awareness and education as well as to develop children's creativity.

The most talented children and the most creative compositions are awarded with certificates and gifts.