International Technical Assistance

We express a sincere gratitude to our partners and donors for new opportunities, valuable experience, as well as significant quantitative and qualitative results achieved by projects implemented due to international technical assistance.

Thanks to financial aid provided by grantors we have contributed to:

- acquiring a material and technical base that provides our employees with resources for protection of the Carpathian forests and their inhabitants

- improving tourist infrastructure to attract more visitors; in particular, the first in Ukraine visitor center was established

- creating new and repairing existing hiking trails, that provide hikers with safe travelling and inform them about the richness of the Carpathian biodiversity

- publishing information and advertising materials to promote the Park and inform potential travellers about its recreational opportunities

- equipping training space under the open sky for conducting trainings in nature

- making board games and other educational materials for schoolchildren to learn more about our Park in an interesting way

- conducting trainings and seminars, thanks to which our employees and partners were able to gain new knowledge and build new strategies.

- training our employees abroad, which allowed them to gain new experience in recreational and nature conservation activities.

More than 20 different projects have been implemented together with our partners with the financial support of donors during the last 15 years. The most important of them are:

2007 ‒ 2009 ‒ «Transfrontier Tourism Development and Promotion Network in Ivano-Frankivsk Region of Ukraine and Maramures County of Romania», implemented by the Ivano-Frankivsk Tourism Association with the financial support of the EU Neighborhood Programme Romania - Ukraine.

2008 ‒ 2010 ‒ «Bikeland» implemented by the NGO «Center for Social and Business Initiatives» together with partner organizations of Ukraine and Romania with the support of the European Union.

2012 ‒ 2014 ‒ «Breaking the borders: nature-discovery trails to Eastern Carpathians», implemented by the NGO «Center for Social and Business Initiatives». The project was co-financed by the European Union within the framework of the Hungary-Slovakia-Romania-Ukraine ENPI CBC Programme.

2014 ‒ 2019 ‒ «Carpathian primary forests conservation», implemented by the Ukrainian Society for the protection of birds with the participation and financial support of the Frankfurt Zoological Society

2016 ‒ «Save the Huk Waterfall Trail»

2017 ‒ «Eco-Friendly Carpathians»

Both projects were implemented in partnership with the NGO "Eco-Play" under the financial support of the USAID and assistance of the US Peace Corps in Ukraine.

2016 until now ‒ «Support to native protected areas in Ukraine». The project is implemented within the framework of the German Financial Cooperation and is financed by the KFW Development Bank.

2016 ‒ 2017 ‒ «Don’t change climate ‒ educate youths» The donor of the project is the Embassy of Australia in Ukraine within the framework of the Direct Aid Program of the Australian Government for 2016‒2017. The European Wilderness Society and NGO «Eco-Play» are project partners.

2018 ‒ «Mount Khomyak is a unique pearl of the Ukrainian Carpathians», implemented in cooperation with the NGO Center for Social and Business Initiatives.

2018 ‒ «Educational outdoor center «Green Laboratory»» implemented in cooperation with the NGO MAMA-86-Yaremche.

Both projects were implemented as part of the project «Programme of environmental and public initiatives for the East and West of Ukraine», implemented by the Development Fund of the NGO «Western Ukrainian Resource Center» together with the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources of Ukraine, with the financial support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic.

2019 – until now – support of conservation activities on the territory of the Park were implemented with the financial assistance of the Global Conservation.

2023 ‒ Ecological and educational outdoor class «Arboretum» on the basis of the research nursery garden «Pidlisniv». The project was implemented in cooperation with the NGO «Probiy».

2023 ‒ «Promotion of ecological tourism in the Vorokhtyan community by improving the infrastructure of the Rudyak mountain swamp». The project was implemented by the Vorokhta village council.

Both initiatives awere implemented within the framework of the project «Support to native protected areas in Ukraine».

2023 ‒ «Improving recreational capacity in nature conservation and forest areas of Ukraine». The project was implemented in cooperation with the NGO «Prava I poriadku » with the financial support of the International Program of the US Forest Service.