Preservation of the Ukrainian Carpathians through Sustainable Development

Our Park occupies almost a third of the territory of Yaremche, Vorokhta and Verkhovyna amalgamated territorial communities. These are 10 settlements where about 35,000 people live.

The resource potential of the Park is rich in unique beech and fir virgin forests, flora and fauna (including endemic and endangered species), favorable climate, healing natural springs, extremely productive Carpathian bees, as well as sacred architecture, Hutsul folklore and handicrafts.

The main goal of our Park in the context of sustainable development is an effective use of biological, landscape diversity, natural and cultural heritage in order to improve social and economic development and achieve high environmental standards.

We would like to represent some directions and innovative ideas for sustainable development of the Park


Campgrounds provided with energy from renewable sources that will contribute to:

- solving the problem of spontaneous tourism, overnight stays and fire lighting

- increasing the flow of tourists and new types of services providing

- promoting modern ecological thinking

- implementing the latest modern world trends

Modern complex interactive visitor centers will include

- temporary, permanent, or changing thematic museum exhibitions for adults and children

- souvenir shops, restaurants, and coffee shops

- ecological summer and year-round camps for children, competitions and workshops based on visitor centers

Observation platforms will contribute to

- solving the problem of excessive recreational load on natural objects

-providing visitors with a convenient access to view landscapes

Electric cars

Including open and closed electric cars of different passenger capacities and electric bicycles will be used as

- transport for park employees

- excursion transport for visitors


Ichthyology center:

- reproducing populations of aboriginal species of fish, including endangered and regionally rare ones


- a new type of tourism activity in Ukraine

- the development of bird research movement

High altitude arboretum

- research, preservation and restoration of rare flora species, in particular Alpine endemics and listed in the Red Data Book species

Ornithology center

- a nursery for birds, including rare and endangered species with their further integration into nature

- a trail to the ornithological center (observation of birds in enclosures)


-workshops, scavander hunts, games, ecocamps for students, pupils, and preschoolers

- carrying out scientific research in the Park

- organizing ecological and scientific conferences

- holding festivals on ecological, cultural and historical topics

- creating grant programs for young scientists, ecologists, nature lovers for scientific research, as well as development and implementation of innovations for the Park

Experience of leading European and American countries is extremely important to us.

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