Mount Homul is the northern spur of Mount Shpytsi.

The mountain's name comes from the Romanian language ("homul" means "imperceptible").

The highest nearby peak is Shpytsi, which is situated to the south of Homul. The highest point of the Maryshevska valley ‒ Velyka Maryshevska lies in the northeast. Mount Gomul is covered with grass and semi-shrub alpine meadows. It is slightly away from the main Chornohora range, having a clearly recognizable peak. The Homul stream originates at the foot of Homul. Merging with another streams flowing from under Hoverla, it forms the beginning of the Prut.

At the foot of the mountain, you can see the remains of an old shelter, built during the period of the Second Polish Republic. There are also crosses erected in honor of the famous soldiers of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army.

There is a marked tourist route from the Maryshevska field to the Gadzhyna valley and Mount Shpytsi.