Maricheika Lake

Marvelous and picturesque Maricheika Lake is of glacier origin and situated in the Chornohora Massif, in the Ukrainian Carpathians, at the foot of Mount Shuryn-Hropa.

The area of lake is 10,000 m2, and its depth is 0.8 m. The elongated lake’s form resembles a drop of dew freezed among dense fir forests. Maricheika is fed with ground waters and precipitations. To the northwest of the lake there is a popular and well-known Mount Pip Ivan.

The lake’s name is also related to a legend about a girl called Marichka, who bravely saved her village. Local inhabitants say that a loud cry and laugh can be heard at midnight even nowadays.

Near Maricheika, a trail leading to the scenic Mount Pip Ivan starts. The nearest settlement is the village of Shybene, Ivano-Frankivsk region.