Mount Syniak sharply rises among the peaks of the Horhany range. Stony slopes richly covered with yellow-grey lichens have a blue shade in the twinkling mountain air. The mountain got its name thanks to its bluish hue. However, stones covering the top of the range are actually green. A little-known legend also tells about the mountain’s origin. According to it, three boys named Yavir, Khoma, and Syniak set off to search for a wonderful flower, which could give eternal youth, but a cruel wizard transformed them into mountains.

Syniak is partially covered with forests. Alpine meadows start at an altitude of 1000 meters, and totally stony placers begin higher. From the top of Syniak you can enjoy a picturesque mountain landscape, such as Dovbushanka on the northern-west, and Yavirnyk on the northern-east. You can also observe a panoramic view of the ski resort «Bukovel» and the Chornohora range.

Syniak is a popular tourism destination. The ski resort «Bukovel» is the best place to start hiking.