Hoverla Mount

Nature discovery trails
  • Difficulty

  • Length

    10.5 km (one way)
  • Duration

    5 hours (one way)
  • Check Point


    Hoverla Mount, which altitude is 2061 m, is the highest mountain peak and the highest point of Ukraine. Thousands of people climb this mountain every year. Hoverla Mount is located on the border between the Ivano-Frankivsk and Zakarpatska regions. The trail goes through the protected area. Slopes of this mountain are of great value as it is home for many rare as well as endemic and relict plants.

    You can find about 700 species of high vascular plants here, 43 of them have been entered into the Red Data Book of Ukraine. Climbing to Hoverla is not an entertaining walk, since climbing so high requires much effort. The route begins near the checkpoint of Hoverla Nature Protection Scientific and Research Department and passes through the forest road close to the Prut River.

  • Foreshchanka Tract


    In Foreshchanka tract the valley of the Prut expands. There is a brown trout fishing farm on the right. All forests are represented by fir and spruce trees. There are also beech and sycamore trees. Mixed forests follow visitors up to the altitude 1100m a.s.l.. Hiking upwards through a steep path you can reach the tourist center “Zaroslyak”.

  • The Tourist Center "Zaroslyak"


    Then tourists find themselves into the spruce forest. The age of some trees range between 200 and 300 years, the heights is 30 m. Due to increase of altitude a forest becomes poorer and finishes at the of 1400 – 1450 м a.s.l.). At the foot of the mountain the Prut River begins. It’s the left tributary of the Danube River, the second biggest river of the Western Europe. At the altitude of 1800m above sea level the Alpine and subalpine meadows begin.

  • Hoverla Mount


    Finally you can reach the peak of Hoverla Mount. From its top, there is a beautiful view upon the Chornohora mountain ridge on the south-east. You can also enjoy the Horhany ridge on the northern-west.

In the territory of the national park it is forbidden:

Deviation from the route.

Damage to natural objects.

Breeding hearths in places not designated for this purpose, smoking when passing through forests.

Felling and damage to trees plucking flowers, collecting medicinal plants.

Hunting for animals, destruction of their habitats.

Catching fish by any means.

Stay with firearms.

Territory littering, noise.

Report to the Ministry of Emergencies that you are going to the mountains

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