Church of Assumption of the Virgin Mary

In the late 19th century a House of Priests with a chapel was erected in Vorokhta for needs of local Roman-Catholics and tourists. Later the chapel became too tight. Because of that fact, a stone church was built nearly a railway station in 1905. A sacred building belonged to chaplains from Lviv, who were members of the Community of Mutual Assistance. The church was managed by the Parish of St. Franzysk in Deliatyn.

The church was closed after the World War II. The sacred building remained empty almost half a century before being partially renovated only during the 1990-s.

Today the church belongs to the Roman-Catholic Community. Acoustics of the building is really excellent. In 2013, a part of the classical music festival «Karpaty-Art» took place there.

The address of the church of Assumption of the Virgin Mary is Hrushevskoho St., 14.