Girl’s Tears Waterfall

An incredibly tiny, but beautiful and picturesque waterfall called «Girl’s Tears» is situated on one of the Prut River tributaries - the Zhonka River, surrounded by mighty beeches, slender fir trees, covered with mosses, cliffs, and emerald rocks.

The waterfall’s name is covered with various legends. According to one of them, it is related to tears of girls and women, turned into waterfalls and rivers. These tears became an obstacle for enemies who wanted to seize local settlements. Girl’s Tears are also regarded as a symbol of serious breakdown and inexpressible longing for sweethearts. Probably, being dipped in a mysterious forest atmosphere, you will come up with your own legend.

Two water streams are falling down like two tears from a height of about 1,7 meters. In summer, everyone can plunge into cool mountain water in a nice shallow pool of water formed just below the waterfall.

In all seasons, a stroll to Girl’s Tears is a perfect outdoor activity in warm and dry weather after visiting the Animal Enclosure.