Huk Waterfall

Huk Waterfall is one of the most picturesque waterfalls in the Ukrainian Carpathians. It is situated in the Horhany massif between the Khomiak-Syniak and Yavirnyk ranges at an altitude of 900 m a.s.l..

The waterfall was created in natural way as a result of landslide caused by flood after the World War Two. Thin threads of water are falling down from a 15-meters-high rock, creating a mighty and rapid stream. Local people call the waterfall «Huk» (which means «noise») because of the loud roaring sound produced by the falling water.

The waterfall is beautiful in all seasons. In spring, Huk attracts with its green landscape and coolness brought by water splashes. In frosty winter, frozen drops of water make interesting patterns. Hues of autumn landscape are perfect for memorable photos, memories of sweet adventures.

Huk is quite popular among visitors. A road leading to the waterfall doesn’t require special skills. In warm and dry weather, you can reach it by bike. You can visit Huk, hiking the nature-discovery trail starting next to the Zhenetske Nature-Protection and Research Division. The waterfall is also a good treat for hikers who come back from Khomiak Mount.

The nearest settlement is the village of Tatariv, Ivano-Frankivsk region.